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Friday, July 27, 2007
Jubilations for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Plasma's a very happy girl. You see, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is coming out in less than a month, and I can hardly contain myself. MP 2: Echoes slated my thirst for more Metroid but left me wanting a little more, and Corruption looks like it will take up the slack--and then some. I've been browsing around the internet for previews, pictures, and other little gems about the game, and what I've seen has justified my jubilations.

The story, while not the most unique of stories, leaves the game wide open for very cool happenings. Rumor has it that Space Pirates have harnessed some kind of deadly virus that must be stopped. Bounty hunters from near and far are gathered, Samus answering the call as well, to deliver vaccines to cities for restoring their Aurora Units and to stop the pirates before the virus spreads. I'm sure metroids factor into the equation somewhere as well, and a quick viewing of E3 trailors confirms the inclusion of the ever-revivable Ridley as one of our dastardly space pirates.

The graphics. This game is breathtakingly beautiful. Mp3: Corruption flaunts the capabilities of the Wii every chance it gets, from Samus's detailed ship to the gilded buildings of Skytown, Elysia. This is no Gamecube game that somehow found its way onto the Wii (I'm looking at you, Twilight Princess); Corruption is a sparkling jewel of lush environments and really, really cool suits.

The controls. Retro Studios fine tunes the Wiimote in a way that far outshines many of the Wii's current games. Players use the Wiimote to open doors, enter codes, type on keypads--and blast a few space pirates into oblivion, of course. Implementing this technology is realistic (ie, opening doors) rather than gimmicky, a complaint I've had about the Nintendo DS's touch screen for several games. While there is an auto-lock feature, Corruption doesn't spoon-feed combat strategies. There is a learning curve, and players can hone their skills early before facing more challenging monsters in the future.

The new suit. The cherry on top of every Metroid game, the new suit in Corruption is sleek, beautiful, and dangerous-looking. This PED suit (Phazon Enchancement Device) comes with a slew of cool new abilities, too: remember the first Metroid Prime? The PED suit allows Samus to harness her Phazon powers and throw the bounty hunter into a temporary hypercharged state, or the creatively-named "Hypermode." It's a sweet new addition to the library of suits.

The people. Most Metroid games are very isolated, with Samus as the only real character in a world of impersonal creatures and space pirates. Corruption takes a page from MP: Hunters by adding more bounty hunters to the mix. Samus gets to interact with other humans/humanoids (which, after so many years of limited human contact, I'm sure Samus herself is excited about), and--what is this? Another female character, perhaps? If I'm not mistaken, this is one of the first Metroid games to feature a female character other than the famous bounty hunter herself. And speaking of which . . .

Everyone's favorite bounty hunter. What kind of dangerous hijinks with Samus get into this time? How will she react to certain situations? Will players learn a little more about our intrepid hero? Inquiring minds want to know! I see this game as a great opportunity to expand on Samus's character, to let her grow and change. I enjoyed Metroid Fusion for allowing Samus a voice to express her thoughts and views throughout the game; it was something I missed in Metroid Prime. I want to see more of the bounty hunter as a person, which can be done in subtle but effective ways. Corruption's pristine graphics should allow more than enough room to fill Samus with life and expression, even while in her suit.

So enjoy this trailer from E3 2007, on me. What are your thoughts on Corruption? Is it living up to your expectations, or do you want more? I'd be more than happy to discuss.

Special thanks to for images.

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