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Monday, October 1, 2007
The Journey to Paradise

(I'll be celebrating the entire month of October with Survival Horror themed posts! Today I'm kicking things off with a character spotlight on Silent Hill 3's astounding antagoniste, Claudia Wolf!)

(Silent Hill 3 plot spoilers follow!)

To be honest, Claudia Wolf forever changed my view of female villains. After finding myself surrounded by an endless parade of whip-snapping dominatrices and smoldering temptresses, I was resigned years ago to a general dislike for the baddies of womankind. If every villain was just going to be shallow, written for men, and busting out of her bustier, then why shouldn't I shun them all?

Oh, how wrong I was. As soon as Claudia's eyebrowless visage appeared on my TV, I knew that I was in for something big.

And it is her appearance that hits you first. The white-blond hair, the blanched skin, the black schoolmarmish dress, and, yes, the lack of eyebrows collectively give her character an odd, unsettling air. She's like nothing you've ever seen before right off the bat, drawing you in, leaving you curious about where she's come from and what she's doing in a shopping mall that's about to be transported straight to hell.

As a priest of the mysterious Silent Hill cult, the Order, Claudia is a devout believer in this crazy religion without coming off flat. She possesses neither the flowing robes nor the enthralling charisma of a stereotypical cult leader, and nor does she come off as apathetic and unfeeling as a common sociopath. In her conversations with fellow priest Vincent -- who funds the cult for the power instead of the faith -- she appears to be a bit of an underdog, alone in her struggles to hasten the rebirth of the Order's god. As well, the discovery that Claudia grew up alongside Alessa (and thought of her as a sister, to boot), paints an unusual shade of sympathy into the woman who has Harry Mason eviscerated.

While I love a villain I can absolutely hate, I still find myself intrigued by Claudia's almost anti-villainhood. Being raised in a doomsday cult is no picnic, I'm sure, and, when that cult's solution to a world entrenched in suffering means the apocalypse, it's not difficult to see where her motivation comes from. Throughout the game, Claudia is unwavering in her faith, stating over and over that what the world needs is God. Granted, in order to bring about Paradise she undergoes some pretty unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence, but it's clear that she genuinely wants to end all hardships. It's a warped form of altruism, and she even cites that she does not expect to be accepted into Paradise when all is said and done.

Faith and a lifetime of apocalyptic dogma aren't Claudia's only motivating factors, however. At one point in the game, creepy-ass Vincent reveals that Claudia was physically abused by her father, Leonard:

The pain and suffering of the world has been very real -- and very personal -- to Claudia since she was just a child. Faith in the Order's god and in the possibility of Paradise are survival mechanisms for her, desensitizing her to the present suffering of others if it means a beautiful heaven for all.

In short, Claudia renewed my faith in the awesomeness of female villains back in 2003. It just goes to show that a single shining example within a limitless sea of darkness can do wonders for the battered psyche. Now if only other games -- particularly those of the mainstream -- would just take the hint.

Readers, who are some of your favorite female baddies?

(Thanks to Gamespot for the pic.)

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