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Friday, August 15, 2008
Farewell from these three.

It's time to say goodbye, folks.

We've had a wonderful time blogging for you over the past year. PlasmaRit, Calabar, and I have really enjoyed exploring our own feminist ideas, love of video games, and everything in between on Girl in the Machine, but sadly it's time for us to go. The most pressing reason is time; classes are starting up again for two of us (we're tackling our senior year), and one of us is already ensconced in a professional career. We didn't want to abandon the blog for months at a time, so this is our formal farewell.

Blogging was sort of an experiment for the three of us. We started Girl in the Machine last year just to see if we could. We were bursting with things to say about video games and feminism, and we rapidly garnered a regular readership. We thank all of you for engaging in what we've had to say. However, we've come to discover that blogging is for a certain type of person -- someone who's truly dedicated to updating on a regular basis, who's always finding new and interesting things to say. It's a responsibility that we can't quite keep up with in both our busy lives and our individual mindsets.

The most important thing, though, is our audience. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting us, critiquing us, and following the updates during GitM's run. Thanks to Cerise Magazine for featuring us in an interview in their October 2007 issue. Thanks to all of the blogs who linked to us, the people who emailed us, and our regular commenters. We'll miss you guys.

Before I go, I'll leave you with some links to our favorite articles. I hope you enjoy them all over again, and thank you again for checking us out. We'll miss you.

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Best of Calabar
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Best of PlasmaRit
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Aggression Toward Video Games
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First Friday Drinking Games

The Scales

The Scale of RPG Heroines: Part I, II, III
The Horror Heroine Effectiveness Scale: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Our First Posts
Hookers on Parade by BomberGirl
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Lara Croft's Ten Year Mam-Jam by PlasmaRit

Thank you.


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Friday, August 1, 2008
First Friday Drinking Game

If you're a dedicated FFDG player, you may find yourself wondering where the hell summer went--hard to believe August is already here! August means different things for different people--some are dreading the ever-approaching school year, some are desperately trying to find a new place to live after clinging to the last few days of their lease, while others are just happy to realize that there end of the blistering heat is in sight. If you belong to any or all of these groups, First Friday Drinking Game is right for you!

We've taken on Fighters in the past, and now it's time to zero in on the Soul Calibur series. Released just recently, Soul Calibur 4 is the perfect game to take your mind off your end-of-summer problems and just beat somebody up--follow these rules and you'll have the added bonus of being sloshed while doing so:

1 drink every time Nightmare says something particularly badass
2 drinks for "THE DAAHHKNESS"
1 drink every time the final boss makes you want to break your controller in half
1 drink every time you think it's about time for Maxi to come out of the closet
1 drink each time Kilik wields his staff in a suggestive manner (overcompensating much?)
1 drink every time Voldo enthusiastically performs a pelvic thrust
2 drinks if it's up close to the screen
1 (obligatory) drink each time breasts defy the law of physics
1 drink every time the game upskirts Sophitia
1 drink every time Raphael talks in SCII (what's up with his voice?)
1 drink each time Siegfried says something emo
1 drink for every interactive cutscene you screw up

And finally:

Finish your drink if you realize you've gotten used to the sight of Ivy's unrealistically YOOGE boobs (because it is a sad, sad day)

Warning: Excessive drinking during gameplay may result in delusions of being a large-breasted harbinger of the nastiest of beatdowns. Play with caution!

Think I forgot something? Suggest a rule in the comments section!

What drinking games do YOU want to play every month? If there is any genre or specific game you want featured in FFDG, drop me a line at PlasmaRit at gmail dot com.

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