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Friday, April 4, 2008
First Friday Drinking Game

Oookay, folks--April is here! The weather's finally getting warmer and the end of the school year is fast approaching for us student-types. Unfortunately, these warmer days are divided by sad bouts of anti-cavorting rain. What to do on days like these? Why, have a round of First Friday Drinking game of course!

Thanks to its ten-year anniversary, Final Fantasy VII games and movies have been popping up everywhere, including the recent release of Crisis Core for the PSP. Many longtime fans of the original FF VII have found many great things about these new additions--as well as an equal amount of things to drink to. I've compiled a list of rules you and all your friends can follow while you enjoy your favorite (or least favorite) showcase of the FF VII universe.

Fun Tip: Turn out the lights and add a green glowstick to your favorite mixed drink for that authentic Mako feel! (Note: Drinking the liquid from said glowstick will also add to that authentic Mako feel but is not recommended. Trips to the Life Stream may result.)

Anyway, onto the rules:

1 drink every time a Shinra employee does something wacky
1 drink for each time someone crashes through a church roof (stack FF VII media for ultimate effect!)
2 drinks every time Hojo speaks in his Crazy Old Man Scientist voice
3 drinks every time Zach sounds a little too much like Tidus ("I'm trying, I'm trying!")
1 drink for every censored cuss word
1 drink for every hilarious translation error
2 drinks for "This guy are sick"
2 drinks every time a friend is surprised Sephiroth isn't the main villain of FF VII
1 drink for every word you realize you've been mispronouncing all this time (no drinks if you still think you're right)
2 drinks if it's a name
1 drink for every character you encounter named "[color] the [synonym of same color]"
1 drink each time Vincent poses in a badass way in DoC
1 drink every time Lucrecia says "I'm sorry"
1 drink for each zipper found on your favorite character's outfit
1 drink for every materia that looks as big as someone's head (or bigger!)
1 drink every time post-experiment Cloud needs to be saved
2 drinks if he's in a wheelchair

And finally:

Finish your drink when Tifa, a competently skilled fighter, engages in a slap fight with Scarlett

Warning: Excessive drinking during gameplay may result in lingering doubts about your past and the realization that you're not as awesome as you thought you were. Play with caution!

Think I forgot something? Suggest a rule in the comments section!

What drinking games do YOU want to play every month? If there is any genre or specific game you want featured in FFDG, drop me a line at PlasmaRit at gmail dot com.

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