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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Retro Rail Shootin’ with Resident Evil

Playing a girl isn’t just like playing easy mode!

My dad recently picked up a copy of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for himself, and I’ve been giving it a try during my stay at home this Christmas. It reminds me of all the days I would spend in the arcades during middle school playing games like House of the Dead (dating myself much?).

I must say, I’m pretty impressed with it so far. It’s got easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels, and since it’s on a console you’ve got the chance to upgrade weapons on your save file. The game itself is broken down into “chapters” for the original Resident Evil, Zero Two, and Three. There’s also a final chapter with new material never portrayed anywhere else in the series.

Because it revisits the old episodes, the game is great for people like my dad who have only played the newer Resident Evil 4. It gives a good review of each one without having to dig out the old consoles and relearn a new system or suffer through terrible dialogue.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the game is that you get to choose the character you play as in most chapters. Whether you choose your favorite Resident Evil guy or gal, you get the same gameplay experience! I replayed several chapters just to be sure that it really was the same.

I’d initially thought that the women had stronger “counterattacks.” For example, Rebecca Chambers tosses a grenade at the zombies, and Billy Coen gives ‘em a roundhouse kick to the face. When I first used Rebecca’s, I noticed that the zombies stayed down afterwards. I had thought that the zombies Billy kicked got back up again, but it turns out that they do, in fact, stay down.

If I could change one thing about the game, I’d include female zombies. The ones they’ve got are definitely horrifying; however, this game makes it look like Umbrella was a very sexist organization. This can’t be true because you see all kinds of female zombies in cut scenes panning across Raccoon City! I just can’t understand why they’re not included in the game.

My only supposition on the matter is that the producers may have thought it would be “too disturbing” to blast the head off of a female zombie. Personally, I think the whole game is a bit intense, but hey. Never mind the carnage.

So if you feel like revisiting those good ol’ arcade days in the comfort of your own home, check out Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. It’s definitely worthy a rent, and perfectionists like me will enjoy replaying each level searching for all the secrets.

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